This System tracks Physical Evidence Recovery Kits (PERKs or sexual assault kits) issued by the Commonwealth of Virginia. Agencies handling PERKs should use the System to update all status changes for PERKs in their possession. The System tracks PERKs by a unique PERK ID/Barcode number and does not capture any personally identifiable information. It is not intended to serve as an official chain of custody for any PERK.

Survivor Access

View the status of a PERK by entering the kit's unique PERK ID number in the Kit ID Number field below.

TIP: If you are typing the number from a barcode label that includes the word "PERK" before the Kit ID number, you do not need to include the word "PERK".

If the offense was reported to law enforcement, you will need the PERK ID number and a PIN. You may get this PIN from the law enforcement agency investigating your case.

See the Help Box for victim/survivor support services and additional Victim Portal resources.

  • User input cannot contain double curly braces.
PIN Required
Incorrect PIN
No kit number entered.
No kit with that number exists.
Access must be authorized and PIN granted by the investigating law enforcement agency. Please contact the investigating agency for a Victim PIN.

System Access

Only authorized personnel from the following agency types may access the System:

  • Collection Sites;
  • Law Enforcement;
  • The Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services (DCLS); and
  • The Department of Forensic Science (DFS).

Authorized personnel may obtain user credentials from their Agency Site Administrator.



Victim Portal Resources:

Victim/Survivor Support Services: Click here for a list of victim and survivor support services in Virginia by location, including crisis intervention hotlines, support groups, legal advocacy, emergency housing and transportation, and referrals for mental health services.

Tech Safety: If you are in danger, please use a safer computer, call the Virginia Statewide Hotline at 1-800-838-8238, or 911, if it is safe to do so. Learn more technology safety tips here.

Need Additional Victim Portal Assistance? Contact the PERK Tracking System Coordinator by phone at 804-588-4050 or by email at


View instructions for logging into the PERK Tracking System as authorized personnel here.

REMINDER: Remember to change your password on a regular and frequent basis.

For all other inquiries, contact the PERK Tracking System Coordinator by phone at 804-588-4050 or by email at